Year 3 & 4 trip to Andover Iron Age Museum

On Tuesday Year 3 and 4 went to the Andover Iron Age Museum. We went there because we are learning about the Iron Age and Bronze Age in History.

When we got there we went upstairs and met a lady called Amy. Next we were put into groups and we got dressed into Iron Age clothes and the clothing was really itchy and not very nice colours. I was put into the metal group with Mrs Rodgerson. We met a lady who let us into the Roundhouse but we had to trade something with her. Next we split up into our groups and went to learn about metal. My group learned that instead of money to trade they used iron bars. Next we were given a spinney wheel card that we spun and it landed on certain clues that we had to find the answers to in the museum. After that we went back to the roundhouse and discussed what we wanted to trade.

By Grace Kemble