IAPS Hockey – Friday 6th October

In the first match we played really well against Yateley Manor School. Our communication was great and so where our passes. But we needed to win a bit more. The score was 3-0 to them. The player of the match was Darcy.

Our second match was against Beaudesert Park School. We defended well but they got five goals past us. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any goals again. The player of the match was Grace.

Then our third match was against Port Regis. We defended so well that the score was 0-0.  Our defending was great and so was our spacing for passes. The player of the match was Amelie.

The forth match was against Chafyn Grove School. This was the same as before good passing and good communication. But what we did much better was running up the pitch when somebody hit the ball. The player of the match was Millie.

Our fifth match was against Perrot Hill School. This game was just after lunch so we were raring to go. But it somehow took us longer to figure them out. The player of the match was Ella.

Then our sixth match was against Salisbury Cathedral School. In this match our spacing was great. Millie and I took turns in the 16-yard hits. I was the player of the match this time.

Our final match was against Richard Pate School. In this match for fifteen minutes it was 0-0. So, we went into a golden goal which means we have five minutes to score a goal the first team that does score wins. But it was still 0-0. So, we went into a penalty shoot. The three people that got volunteered to do that was me, Millie and Amelie. It was a tense moment, I tried to chip in the first goal but missed. Then Richard Pate School scored. Up next was Millie, her hit was straight to the gaolie who kicked it back, she then ran out of time score again. Richard Pate School manged to score their second goal which made them the winners. The player of the match was Ava.

The overall player of the whole day was Amelie.

This was a fantastic day, where we learnt loads of new hockey skills and tips and had so much fun.

Thank you to Mrs Bell and Mr Evans for taking us.

Sophie (Year 6)

Measuring in maths

Year 5 have been looking at inches and centimetres in maths. 5MLF played a matching game, practising conversions between inches and centimetres, and then they explored the school looking for items that measured specific lengths. Lots of interesting objects were found!img_0546 img_0548 img_0550 img_0551 img_0553 img_0557 img_0558 img_0559

Maths 3D shape work

Year 5 worked really hard to solve a tricky Soma cube puzzle. First they made the different parts, then they had to fit them together to create a perfect cube. There are meant to be 240 ways to solve the cube, but it took most of us quite a while to do it (teachers included)! Great perseverance everyone!img_0584 img_0585 img_0587 img_0590 img_0597 img_0602 img_0608 img_0609 img_0612 img_0613 img_0614 img_0618 img_0620 img_0626 img_0628 img_0631

Fun with Shakespeare’s English

Year 5 have been using some Shakespearean phrases to create their own interesting (and often amusing!) sentences:

I love thee no more!pop-ink-csa-images-shakespeare-writing-with-feather-pen

She doth yoga every Saturday.

Methinks I love games.

He hath overcome the sharpness of death.

The doctor said, “Methinks thou hast a broken nose.”

She doth love thee methinks.

Dost thou think mine ear has grown?

Ouch! Mine ear hurts!

Hast thou brushed thy teeth?

Thou art smart.

Methinks mine ear is expanding!

Methinks he hath mine ear!

Methinks thou wilt have a donkey’s head.

She doth not love thee.

Dost thou know the play?

He hath a donkey head!

Y5 Use Onomatopoeia to describe ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Year 5 have been using onomatopoeia in their work.  Here are a few examples.



Lysander and Hermia  scuttled and scurried through the wood, as they were running they could hear the leaves rustling under their feet.  Callum

The Fairies darted through the trees and the trees whooshed and swayed.  Charlie

As the fire flies zoomed around the trees, the baby birds tweeted and sang a chirpy song.  Niamh

Oberon’s cackle seeped through the woods.  Snakes hissed and slithered as Puck whizzed through the trees.  Sam

The trees swayed around as rain drops pitter pattered on the leaves and oozed down the mossy damp cold trees.  Barnaby

When Lysander and Hermia ran away, the rain splashing on the trees,  the twigs cracked under their feet.  Ava

The fairies’ wings flutter like sparkling butterflies throughout the trees.  Gabriel

The fire in the woods crackled and spat.  Josh

The sticks cracked under her feet.  The mud squelched when he walked on it.  Aaron

Nick Bottom stumbled and crashed out of the bush.  There was a swoosh as Puck made a magic pass with his hands.  Oscar

The fairies zoomed and in the dark night sky, whooping as the golden fireflies whizzed around.  Fernando

The worm slithered away from the humans as they walked through the forest.  George

As Lysander and Hermia ran through the forest, they heard the crackle of leaves under their feet.  Henry

The wind howled in the in the forest as Helena and Demetrius marched into the forest.  Jack

The woods creaked, cracked and swayed in the misty breeze of the wind.  Molly

As the fairies danced around the fire there was a pitter-patter and the fire went out.  Dylan

As Oberon and Titania argued they heard the rain drip,drop,drumming outside.  Ella

The trees swished and swished as puck swept in to get the flower.  Puck chuckled as he turned Nick Bottoms head into a donkey.  Sophie

Titanias wings were so thin you couldn’t see them flutter.  William

Puck oozed the juice of the flower into Titania eyes, just for a joke.  Theodore

The leaf is brown and when Lysander steped on it-it went crunch.  Fraser

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