Budding authors.

Year Four have written and illustrated some very exciting science fiction books, especially for Reception class. Today we met the authors and listened to them reading their stories.

We were very impressed by their hard work.

A honey of a day !

Reception class are learning about bees this week. We have found out how bees make honey and tasted a delicious piece of honey comb, dripping with runny, golden honey. Yummy !


Spring is coming to Shearwater

Reception class joined the other Pre Prep classes, for a wonderful morning at Shearwater, in the Spring sunshine. We spotted a frog hiding in a tree trunk, found tadpoles in the stream and saw buds bursting on the trees. We played in the woodland and splashed in plenty of muddy puddles..such fun!

Mix a pancake, stir a pancake…..

Today we made pancakes in Reception class, to mark Shrove Tuesday, Pancake day. We all had a turn to mix and stir our pancakes. We watched them sizzle in the pan and waited  to see if Mrs Hewett could toss and catch them. ( She didn’t drop one!) Mmmm, they were tasty.img_19341img_19361img_19381img_19391

Fun with magnets.

Today we had a message from Googly, the Alien in our classroom. He is missing his planet Chromium and all the lovely metal things there. We used magnets to find him some metal, sorting objects into two groups. Whilst doing so we made predictions about which things we thought would be metal and were surprised to find that some things that we thought would be made of metal, actually weren’t. We loved trying to pick up metal things without touching them, watching them jump onto the magnet.






Andy Goldsworthy

This week Reception Class have been inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy. they collected natural resources and use them to make their own art installations. Here are the final versions.


img_1802 img_1801 img_1800 img_1799 img_1798 img_1797 img_1796 img_1795 img_1794