Fun with Shakespeare’s English

Year 5 have been using some Shakespearean phrases to create their own interesting (and often amusing!) sentences:

I love thee no more!pop-ink-csa-images-shakespeare-writing-with-feather-pen

She doth yoga every Saturday.

Methinks I love games.

He hath overcome the sharpness of death.

The doctor said, “Methinks thou hast a broken nose.”

She doth love thee methinks.

Dost thou think mine ear has grown?

Ouch! Mine ear hurts!

Hast thou brushed thy teeth?

Thou art smart.

Methinks mine ear is expanding!

Methinks he hath mine ear!

Methinks thou wilt have a donkey’s head.

She doth not love thee.

Dost thou know the play?

He hath a donkey head!