Notre voyage en Normandie

Classe 6 a passé cinq jours en Normandie en mai. C’était super!

We spoke lots of French, ate delicious food and visited historical places.

We had French lessons to practise buying fruits in the Bayeux market, ordering “crêpes” and “glaces”, going around Port-en-Bessin for a treasure hunt and doing a cheese tasting.

We visited Notre Dame de Bayeux, Omaha Beach and the American Memorial and Cemetery.

We had a fantastic time and it was hard to say “au revoir”!

Classe 6

Notre assemblée française!

Classes 2, 3, 4, 5 et 6 ont fait une assemblée en français! They performed stories, a song and a poem.

“On Monday the sixth of March year five and year seven did a French play together. We had been rehearsing it for quite a while, with only having had two full rehearsals on stage together we did really well.  I really enjoyed doing it with the year seven. I would love to do another one.”

By Maisie, classe 5

“I enjoyed  introducing the year 7 and 5 story of Petit Elephant!”

Barnaby, classe 5


Midsummer Madness and other tales.

Year 6 have been retelling Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream through the eyes of different characters.  Here is a selection of their writing.


I am Carl the courageous news reporter. My colleague and I went to research the phantasmal weather in Greece (he thought it was a holiday). Very soon, it was going to be Theseus’ and Hippolyta’s wedding day. Theseus is the duke of Athens: he is very powerful. It got closer to the wedding day but still the rain kept pouring. We went to interview Theseus in his court, a man called Aegeus and his daughter Hermia. They also had two young men with them.

Aegeus was not looking happy, so we asked what was wrong. Hermia, his daughter wanted to marry Lysander but Aegeus wanted her to marry Demetrius. In Athens, the law says a father can decide which man his daughter should marry. If she refuses the only options are death or to become a nun.

We saw Hermia and Lysander run into the woods we waited until they went. We were about to follow them when Demetrius (sword out) stormed out stormed into the woods. Helena was hot on his heels protesting her love. It was obvious to us that Demetrius did not feel the same. We looked back over the city onto the wrinkled faces of the mountains. Then we ran into the dark shroud of the woods.

As we drew near to the centre of the woods, we heard talking. I crept up behind a bush. We caught on camera a fairy; yes, that’s right, a fairy! It was impoverished and green and it was squeezing juices from some kind of flower onto Lysander’s eyes. Lysander and Hermia were sleeping on the ground. I heard a loud “ee aw” coming from a clearing: we went to check it out. In the middle of the clearing there was another fairy lying with a donkey headed man! My colleague pointed out a fairy wearing a crown standing with a little boy and laughing at the two sleeping.

We heard a deafening crash from where the green fairy was. My colleague wanted to stay with the donkey. I insisted we went; so we did. In the time we were with the other fairies, Demetrius and Helena were lying with them. We were just about to go and see them when suddenly we heard the ‘clump clump’ of horses’ hooves. It was Theseus and Aegeus. Lysander jumped to his feet. It turned out Lysander loved Hermia and she loved him. Now Demetrius loved Helena and she loved him. They all went back to court.

It was Theseus’ and Hippolyta’s wedding day. I was very surprised that Theseus would share his wedding with some civilians. Some actors were performing a play Pyramus and Thisbe the actor who played Pyramus

looked a lot like the donkey we saw in the woods. I thought it was rather strange that they looked the same.

by Harry

Hermia’s holiday

I am Hermia a simple girl who lives here in Athens. All I wanted to do was to marry my love- so how is it that my father wouldn’t let me?

It all started with a fight. My hard-hearted father Egeus wouldn’t let me marry my true love Lysander but was forcing me to marry Demetrius! I felt like he didn’t care about me.

As this quarrel continued, the rain pelted down rotting the crops dousing the foliage and saturating the earth. It made the people of Athens worry what Duke Theseus would say.

Although I doted on gorgeous Lysander the rule in Athens said a father could chose who his daughter should marry “Helena loves Demetrius!” I shouted, “Let me marry my love Lysander”!

Although, Lysander had a plan. He said we could run away together into the woods. Before we left I told my lifelong friend Helena where we were going so she would not miss us.

As I trudged slowly through the forest, I soon became aware that we were both exhausted, so we settled down to sleep. Woken by a frightful nightmare I saw that Lysander had gone.

Whilst I tore through the undergrowth, I soon became aware of shouts coming from ahead. Soon I came to a clearing and right before my eyes I saw Lysander, Demetrius and Helena. Helena somehow seemed to have bewitched Demetrius and Lysander to love her. I was very shocked at Lysander!

I ran into the clearing. I was very angry, and I chased Helena away. A strange fog soon surrounded me, and I settled down to sleep.

I was woken by the sound of a hunting party and I looked up to see Hippolyta, Theseus and Philostrate saying much to my delight that I could marry Lysander and that Helena could marry Demetrius. We were happily married, and I have been living with Lysander ever since.

By Rachael

Midsummer Madness

Yesterday. A day like today and tomorrow, except yesterday I was going on holiday ! Well for as long as it took you to read that part of the report, my very annoying colleague showed up saying it wasn’t a holiday it was just an expedition.

So we went to a coffee shop and the headed up to the studio. Furthermore we reached the BBC crew just in time, oh and by the way ……….I am fantastic Jeffrey the best reporter of all time.

The BBC news crew demanded my colleague and I to venture to a forest 3250 years ago

When we reached our journeys’ end, we found something small not human but fairy ! We then reached the wood( where we planned to go) a place where phantasmal creatures lurk around restrained by the shadowy plantation, however behind that gloomy silhouette lay an incandescent moonbeam.

As we journeyed deeper we noticed some actors rehearsing a play in the umbilicus of the forest.

We trudged down the dark interminable forest path, the focus from the camera started to fade, then we noticed something……..a monster perhaps ? Our hearts raced against our blood. Several sweat drops ran like people down our tear stained faces. Suddenly a sticky hand rested itself on both of our shoulders; it was…………….

A donkey. Well a man with a donkey head – that I named Bottom – caused by a small sprite named Puck !

Then Titania, the Queen of the Fairies saw Carl (my colleague) and fell immediately in love. I simply closed my eyes and then walked away, unfortunately I walked into a huge oak tree ! When I woke up I heard braying “Are you ok Carl ? It sounds like you have bad cough” I said. I turned around to pass him a cough sweet and noticed it wasn’t Carl at all it was the donkey that had named Bottom.

Titania then ran away with Bottom, they went to ne flowery bed. I imagined it was rather damp in the bed because of the strong rainfall that had happened the previous day, there were a huge variety of flowers, roses, poppies, dandelions and much much more.

They stayed through all weathers while Peaseblossom, Moth, Cobweb and Mustard Seed chanted Titania and her new lover to sleep.

By Ben

Starveling’s Life

Hello I am the incredible Robin Starveling and I performed at the amazing Dukes Wedding day at night. I loved every minute of it by the way!

One week earlier my friends and I were practicing for the most lamentable comedy and cruel death of Pyramus and Thisbe. I think it is a really good play and it is so much fun to rehearse.

After lots and lots of rehearsing we finally got to the last rehearsal. Bottom came back from his cue with a head of an ass. I was so terrified I nearly passed out so I ran off.

I ran and ran until I could not run any further. So I climbed up the nearest tree and stayed there until the revolting, beastly vile donkey down at the bottom of the tree was gone.

When the beastly thing was gone I came down and went and got my friends, then we were home and had a cup of tea – to calm all our trembling nerves.

The next day I had my breakfast and went to the Dukes Wedding. After the wedding the Duke called us over and said “that was the best play ever!”

Then I threw the biggest party ever. After the party I slept for 3 days and 4 nights. After I woke up, I hung out with my friends and we never spoke of what happened on Midsummers Night Dream. Until now of course and that is the end of my heart stopping story.

By Joshua

Year 6 Moonlit Writing



Please have a read through some of Year 6’s writing in action.  They focused on figurative language and powerful vocabulary.

In the forest the great ancient trees shadowed over me like skyscrapers blocking out the moonlight. I walked in to a clearing on the outer perimeter of a lake. The fluorescent moon reflected like a beacon on the transparent lake. The silver glint of the moonlight lit up the night sky with a shine like headlights in the distance.

By William C


As I stood in the moonlit glade the crepuscular rays shone into the deserted clearing, illuminating the murky waters. As I walked around the outer perimeter of the bewitched and phantasmal woodland, a twig snapped underfoot, breaking the utter stillness of the night. As the silver nugget started to disappear I carried on walking. As I was walking back a voice reached my ears and then fortunately the moon reappeared lighting the way; I noticed a shadowy shape.

“Mummy” I murmured.

“No, the names Steve, and I’m going to be looking after you for a while!” Steve Chuckled!

By Oby


Rain ran gently as I trudged through the woodland. I looked up I could see the leaves falling and rising like the steady breathing of a child. suddenly the leaves gave way and the rain pelted down.

As I looked through the semi darkness I saw sundown. As I walked on through the blaze of the sun the suppress of the silent wood clung on to me. I could barely see two fox-lengths in front of me.

Suddenly the lights went out I looked up among the rain drops I saw the full moon glistening like a light bulb. aroooooo! went a wolf. even though it sounded far away I remembered what a wolf looked like cruel fangs and claws the grey matted fur.

I sprang up to the nearest tree when I got to the top I buried the leaves around me. but as I turned around I saw a gigantic wolf staring at me. I knew there was only one thing to do as I jumped out the tree I screamed and then “it’s alright son I got you”

By Rachael


Something was wrong in the woodland the plant life was never growing.  The sun was blazing on the forest and it rained frequently, they had have to have grown by now.  In the twilight of the moon the shrubs got more and more indistinct until it was pitch black.  Suddenly a bright spec appeared it seemed to lead me to a hollow tree which inside had a button that had a sign that said humans only…

By Thomas


The woods. A place where vile phantasmal creatures lurk around, restrained by the shadowy plantation, however behind that gloomy silhouette lies an illuminate beam of moonlight. This is an extract of an observation that I had four years ago… I trudged down the interminable forest path, the light from my wand began to glow dimmer, and my glasses were shattered. I limped a little because of a huge scar I had on my filthy leg. I was sad and alone with no one to help, then I saw something, a monster perhaps. My heart raced against my blood, several sweat drops ran like people down my tearstained face. Suddenly a sticky hand rested itself on my shoulder, then….

By Ben


Suddenly I woke startled by an owl hooting in the lofty trees.  As I stood up, an almighty gust of wind knocked me over again.  “That’s strange,” I thought.  Suddenly I heard the unmistakeable whisper of my name coming from the darkness of the woods. “jjaaaaaaacck.”

By Harry B


The dreadful fragrance made the rain sob and cry on me. My raincoat and I got showered with tears from the horrible rain. As the snapping tree branches try to bite me the rain kept poring. “BOOM” a flash of light struck the tree nearby, as the wild fire began. I ran as fast like a wolf trying to run away from a hunter, until I stopped for a breath I looked up , the glories moon guide me to a safe tree that sheltered me from the rain. Suddenly I saw a huge shadow that came bigger every second, I closed my eyes then peeked out it was a tiny bunny that was lost too. “howl” five wolfs surround me then the five wolfs devoured the innocent bunny. Then the wolfs looked hungry then “boom” the lightning scared them, away and I safely lade my head and went to sleep.

By Emma


The moon, the moon, I love the moon, the moon is bright tonight.  The moon is dazzlingly bright.  The moon will pay for its delay, the moon is bright tonight.  The moon is an eye, so is the sun for they are the eyes of God.  So if you are lonely at night look up to the stars.

By Logan



“Toys” by Ben

Enjoy the first three chapters of ‘Toys’, a novel by Ben in Year 6.


Chapter 1

Toys. All children love them, they play with them, they apparently need them, however this story is the dark truth about them…

It all started a late night when a boy named Charlie  had been sent to his bedroom, It was cold in his room because of a small rusty radiator that couldn’t decide if it was warm or not. He was very afraid of his wardrobe,  because when he was younger his parents bought him a dolls house, it was small and now had cobwebs all over it, its been in his wardrobe ever since.

Charlie loved the rest of his toys, ( especially lego ) he would play with it all day everyday.

Charlie went to school the next day to meet up with his friend Bob. But clearly he was ill. Charlie was day dreaming about were Bob was, and soon he even started drawing pictures. “Right that is it detention Charlie stop dreaming about your pitiful little buddy!” shouted his least favourite teacher Mr Dogsbreath, now I know that sounds weird but lets just go with whats written here.

Seven weeks went by and Bob had still not showed up, Charlie decided he would go to Bob’s house that night to see if he was okay. “BBRRRIINNGG” The school bell went Charlie barged past the teachers. “Oy what about your detention screamed  Mr Dogsbreath. He raced down the street towards Bob’s house. He peered through the misty shattered  window, all he saw was Bob’s  parents crying.

Charlie couldn’t sleep that night all he could hear was his wardrobe open and close in the wind. However when Charlie turned around to shut  the window it was already closed…

He lightly crept out of bed, and went to face his fears. He took a step inside the wardrobe, he could see a small dim white light glowing through the cracks. As he drew nearer the light got brighter and brighter. He opened the door and ‘’whoosh’’ a huge spaceship flew past him! Charlie ran straight back through the wardrobe in shock, what had he just seen. Just then a huge Lego brick fell from the sky, and a strange looking person stepped out… The person was tall but had rather short arms, like a trex made into a human, Charlie was not scared but fascinated by this odd looking character. He had a face like a Barby doll, hands  of Micano, and legs made  of Playdo!

Charlie new all about these toys, because his sister had them, the tall person spoke. “I am lord Barcado I am from the planet train, not the vehicle the planet”. As off now you shall be arrested by my guards.” Two guards stepped out of the Lego brick They grabbed Charlie and dragged him through the wardrobe “Let me go he shouted get me out of this mess, I don’t want to be any part of this.” Charlie couldn’t understand. The guards  were dragging him into the huge Lego brick, what did they want with him.

It was pail white inside, with red flashing lights and huge screen about twice the size as an Imax (and one Imax is big enough.) Just then there was a glitch on the screen and a strange countdown started.

Chapter 2

“Stomp, Stomp” a huge walker crushed Charlie’s bedside lamp, well it wasn’t exactly a walker it was a man of action. Charlie pinched himself to check if it was a dream, it wasn’t, it was plain real. He was frightened by now, where was he. “Help!” he screamed “I don’t know who you people think you are, but I don’t want to be any part of your jokes” Just then a video appeared on the large screen, it was of Sydney opera house, Big Ben and the statue of Liberty all blowing up!

“What was that?” “that was a vision of what is going to happen” Barcado replied. “That is what will happen if you don’t change it.”

“How do you expect me to change history?”

“I think we’ve shared enough, guards take him away.”

“No I want to know more!” Charlie screamed. They took him to a tall dark jail cell where he lay on a spiky hay bail. He could hear voices outside the cell of drunk guards. He picked up his old chains and went to the broken door to see what the guards were saying, but he didn’t hear the sound of drunk guards, oh no he heard the sound of Bob…

The cell door opened, there stood Bob looking all alone and very out of breath.

“Come on let’s get you out of here.” Bob heroically said. They ran up the long winding stairs and straight through the door to a small room, at that moment a huge car dropped down out of a hatch. “In hear” he said

“No way am I getting in there” Charlie mentioned.
“Well if you want to live, then you have to.”

“Okay but only this once” Charlie said, having to shout over the loud engine.

The car bumped around a bit as they started moving, but it was alright in the end, except for when they crashed through the wall and of the balcony. And at that very time the boot swung open and a massive glider came out. They soared through the midnight air avoiding all of the other cells they had spikey rooftops and all had balcony’s but they were the only people in a flying car. Eventually they reached a clearing and drifted off into the moon, and then everything went to hell.

“Plylt Plylt” “Oh no the oils running out!” Bob said. “Crash” they hit the ground with a huge impact.

As soon as the dust had settled, Charlie climbed out of the capsized machine. He coughed a few times before helping Bob out. “Well that was fun” Charlie said


Chapter 3

Now they were stranded in a dark misty forest, with nothing to eat or drink. Bob found a y tree, and built a den for them both it had a small fire outside, and they had to use leaves for a blanket. They slept there for three nights, and didn’t realise when red Indians came and kidnapped them.

“Woah Woah” A master Indian shouted, Charlie and Bob suddenly woke up in shock they were in a white tent, tied up with a strong rope and there was a  crowd of Indians surrounding them. “Woah Woah” the master repeated. A few minutes later, there was a large Woah from the other Indians. Suddenly all of the Indians dropped dead! Furthermore the giant Lego brick came back “What do you want with us” Charlie asked they clearly didn’t listen they took Bob, Charlie and the master Indian. “Good to see you again Charlie, you to Bob” Barcado said. “I know who you are.” Bob whispered

“No one knows who I am” Barcado said as smacked a tuning fork into Bobs neck.

“Bob, Bob wake up” Charlie whispered. “What did you mean when you said that you knew who Barcado was?”

“It’s complicated however it is true, he’s my brother” Bob replied.

“Indeed it is true but it won’t be for much longer” Barcado explained as he walked into the cell.