Notre assemblée française!

Classes 2, 3, 4, 5 et 6 ont fait une assemblée en français! They performed stories, a song and a poem.

“On Monday the sixth of March year five and year seven did a French play together. We had been rehearsing it for quite a while, with only having had two full rehearsals on stage together we did really well.  I really enjoyed doing it with the year seven. I would love to do another one.”

By Maisie, classe 5

“I enjoyed  introducing the year 7 and 5 story of Petit Elephant!”

Barnaby, classe 5


Measuring in maths

Year 5 have been looking at inches and centimetres in maths. 5MLF played a matching game, practising conversions between inches and centimetres, and then they explored the school looking for items that measured specific lengths. Lots of interesting objects were found!img_0546 img_0548 img_0550 img_0551 img_0553 img_0557 img_0558 img_0559

French complex sentences

Today in our French lesson we constructed complex sentences on hobbies and opinion.


“J’aime jouer au tennis et j’aime aussi lire parce que c’est intéressant” (I like to play tennis and I also like to read because it is interesting).

“Je n’aime pas danser mais j’aime nager”  (I don’t like dancing but I like to swim).

Barnabé et Millie

Classe 5


thumbnail_img_5703 thumbnail_img_5704 thumbnail_img_5706

Maths 3D shape work

Year 5 worked really hard to solve a tricky Soma cube puzzle. First they made the different parts, then they had to fit them together to create a perfect cube. There are meant to be 240 ways to solve the cube, but it took most of us quite a while to do it (teachers included)! Great perseverance everyone!img_0584 img_0585 img_0587 img_0590 img_0597 img_0602 img_0608 img_0609 img_0612 img_0613 img_0614 img_0618 img_0620 img_0626 img_0628 img_0631