Links to useful things…

With all of the children working at home, we’re well aware that parents may want additional resources to call upon to entertain them.  We’ll post links to useful websites on here.

This first one comes courtesy of Ian Addison (@ianaddison on Twitter) and is a list of people giving their time to share lessons and activities online.   

Also, Mrs Collishaw has said…

Here’s a link to a singing focus lead by Gareth Malone – parents have to register an email address but then have access to rehearsals and opportunities to upload singing along the way – it’s a big national focus:
Also, Carol Vorderman’s website is offering free access to her website content for children age 4 – 11 until school reopen.

Props to Props Club!

Each Tuesday after school a small band of 10 committed makers have been working to supply the ample needs of the exceptionally demanding cast and crew of “Rock Bottom”, our year 5 and 6 play this year. “Rock Bottom” is a Stone Age comedy, in which there are plenty of chances for us to stretch our creative wings when it comes imagining fun props for the play. So far we have made a giant egg timer, a cauldron, plenty of rocks and bones, dynamite – and this week we deployed some willow bending skills to make a giant egg! I begin to think there is nothing Props Club can’t do, and sincerely wish we could have had two nights a week.
Well done Props Club, you have been fantastic to work with, and Rock Bottom will look ace on stage, thanks to you!

Notre Voyage en Normandie du 3 au 7 Juin 2019.

An Anniversary to Remember!

Rested from their half-term, the Year 6 pupils embarked for a week in Le Clos de l’Ancien Pressoir, a château in Commes, Normandy. They practised their French, ate lovely (and, to them, sometimes strange) food, learnt a lot about history and did some sightseeing.

During the week, the pupils had French lessons to practise vocabulary that they then had to use and apply in real situations. For example, places and directions for a town quiz, fruits and quantity to buy fruits in a market to make fruit salad, role plays to help ordering in restaurants for their lunches in a crêperie and likes and dislike for a cheese tasting!

They visited lots of interesting places, learnt a lot and got a sense of French life. In Bayeux, there was a tour of a French food market, a visit to the cathedral and the old town, lunch in a crêperie and the visit to the Bayeux Tapestry, assisted by an audio guide. The pupils were very interested to see face-to-face what they had studied at school.

Our guide made us relive history during our visits to  Arromanches and Longues. The pupils learnt all about the floating harbour and the reality of the landings and were fascinated and moved when watching some original film footage of D-Day in a 360 degree cinema.

This year, one of the highlights of the trip was being in Normandy for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day as the children were fascinated to talk with veterans about their memories of that extraordinary day.

The pupils and staff did not want to leave. Parents, I hope you have received your “carte postale”!

« It was the best week of my life! I enjoyed everything, especially meeting the WW2 Veterans. » Amélie M.

« I loved everything. C’était super ! » Bronwen.

« The Bayeux Tapestry was fascinating and I loved the escargots ! » Yode.

Our Bushcraft adventure!

Year 5 enjoyed their various Bushcraft activities during their residential trip at the beginning of June. They made shelters, cooked on the fire, practised their first-aid skills and some even tried a famous delicacy on this trip: the salmon eyeball!

Sleeping in the shelter was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed constructing it!”. Alfie M

I was brave enough to taste the fish eye. It was disgusting!” Angus

We really liked the plane crash simulation. It was scary and fun!” Ebba and Kathryn

The highlight for me was to make my own burger!”. Alfie D

Our Wilderness Centre adventure!

At the end of May, Year 3 and 4 had an exciting 3 days during their residential trip at a Wilderness Centre! They had amazing adventures including: archery, crate stacking, rock climbing, walks through a forest (making wishes through a wishing tree), problem solving and orienteering, abseiling and even wall climbing!

The children were enthusiastic and eager to take part in all those fantastic activities, without being afraid to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Bravo!

I loved the tunnel of doom because it was scary and fun at the same time.” Caitlin

I loved the rock climbing because I got to the top.” Max

The breakfast was amazing: full English every day!” Alfie

Field trip to our great coastline!

On Friday 10 May, Year 6 took their learning outside the classroom and enjoyed the sunshine exploring the coastal features at Lulworth Cove.

The pupils enjoyed the scenery and learnt a lot about the different rock types, the coastal erosion and had a very informative walk to Durdle Door.

” Our trip was great and I had so much fun! Our tour guide David was amazing at explaining things so that everyone understood.” Amélie

I really enjoyed finding out about all the different types of rocks and layers in the rocks.” Phoebe

I brought back a beautiful piece of chalk!” Yode

Mr Titley commented: “Year 6 benefitted from what
our great coastline has to offer. Whether it’s pirates, geological
features or sea shells, the Jurassic coast provides plenty of stimulation
for the young, enquiring mind. The children have enjoyed their field
trips: strengthening their understanding of this term’s topics and being
out and about with their friends.”

Sunshine at Lulworth Cove!

On Thursday 9 May, Year 2 and 3 took their learning outside the classroom and had a lovely day exploring the coastal features in the sunshine at Lulworth Cove, as part of their geography topic. They enjoyed the scenery and learnt about the different rock types.

Mr Titley commented: “Year 2 and 3 benefitted from what
our great coastline has to offer. Whether it’s pirates, geological
features or sea shells, the Jurassic coast provides plenty of stimulation
for the young, enquiring mind. The children have enjoyed their field
trips: strengthening their understanding of this term’s topics and being out and about with their friends.”

Some pupils commented to Mrs Cross and Mrs Crinion that it was “the best school trip ever!“.

We loved sketching the arch at Durdle Door!“, Hugo M.

I really enjoyed finding crystals!“, Hugo B.

I was so happy to bring back lots of shells!“, Sarah.

Ahoy Me Hearties!

“Ahoy me hearties – it’s the Pre-Prep Pirates!”

The Pre-Prep department was no place for landlubbers on Thursday 25 April as a band of scurvy seadogs took over! We kicked off our topic this term with a visit from Captain Dan Tastic.  Eagerly exchanging their school sweatshirts for swashbuckling swords, waistcoats and eye patches, our young pupils were held spellbound during the three action packed workshops.   Captain Dan Tastic’s talks were informative and yet hugely entertaining and he employed an impressive variety of props and historical items with which to illustrate the points he was making. From the pirate music playing as they entered to a soaking from a water pistol, via the thud of a cannonball on the floor, the children were enthralled from start to finish – so much so that they were longing for lunch playtime to be over to return to the classroom ‘deck’!

They day was further enhanced by a special picnic lunch which included such pirate delights as starfish shaped fishcakes and pirate cookies.  Many thanks to our chef Nicky and her team for all their hard work in providing this for us.

Zara, in Year 2 rather brilliantly summed up the whole day as she wrote in her thank you letter to Captain Dan; “It was a lovely start to my term.”  Indeed it was.

The children commented: “Captain Dan came and taught us about pirate weapons and we each got a ruby when he left!”.

Treachery At Traitor’s Quay

Year 3 and 4 pupils performed their amazing play “Treachery at Traitor’s Quay” twice, in front of a packed hall, in awe of their acting and singing. The whole school went back in time and followed evacuee children in their adventures.

The whole cast acted and sang brilliantly and they were all clearly enjoying themselves. Everybody left singing and dancing the jitterbug!

Mrs Sheppard commented: “I was so proud of the Year 3 and 4 pupils. They all got into character and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

I enjoyed performing in it because it was a funny play!” Ben

It was hard to learn all our lines but we enjoyed the play because we all got on well!” Finlay


A Great Sports Tour!

Year 6 had an amazing time in Weymouth during their Sport Tour. They played good matches, had fun on Weymouth beach, went bowling and swimming at Splashdown!

Miss Gough commented: “Year 6 had a fantastic time on their Sports Tour last weekend! They played brilliantly in their netball and hockey matches against Sunninghill School. They enjoyed lots of fun activities: games on the beach, ten-pin bowling, eating yummy fish and chips and even had time for a blast down the flumes at Spashdown!”.