A lovely afternoon at Wren House.

Reception and Year 1 class had an amazing time at Wren House, making Easter baskets with the residents and singing “Miss Polly had a dolly” for them.

Mrs Finnigan commented: “I had such fun listening to the conversations between adults in their 90s and children aged 4-6. Wow!”. 

The children were very well behaved, very happy to be there and eager to ask “how old are you?”!



Our windy climb!

On Monday 18 March, Year 5 had a little geography trip to Cley Hill. They climbed to the top, braving the strong wind, to practise their map reading skills.

Mr Fothergill commented: “It was cold and windy but the children were fantastic, even when our maps were blown away! It was amazing to have such a great view of Warminster and use our map reading skills to locate places.”

By using the map, I was able to locate Norridge Woods from the top of Cley Hill.” Alfie M

It was so windy that you had to hold on to your maps. Some of my friends had to chase after theirs!“. Lewis

Vive Mardi Gras!

On Tuesday 5 March (Shrove Tuesday, “Mardi Gras”), Reception to Year 6 pupils had a very busy French Morning!

After an assembly led by Sixth Form pupils on the importance of learning a foreign language, the pupils were divided into groups and took part in 5 different activities led by our Year 8 pupils and some French pupils visiting from Cognac.

They had a French quiz on the weather, practised numbers, months of the year and birthdays, made pet masks for our Carnival and learnt all about the French traditions of “Mardi Gras”.

Our Samba Band accompanied the children to the dining hall where they danced with their masks for our Carnival procession. They then had a French lunch (see menu below) and some crêpes of course!

I loved playing with the Samba Band for our Carnival procession!” Benjamin.

“J’adore les croissants!” Hugo

“I enjoyed learning about the traditions of French Mardi Gras!” Lucy

“J’ai adoré le matin français!” Elizabeth

“Merci classe 8. J’ai adoré toutes les activités!” Rebecca

Mardi Gras was wonderful, I loved making the masks and learning about the French traditions.” Skyla et Tina

We loved the food and singing the Robot Song!” Katherine et Alanna

It was a pleasure playing in the Samba Band!“, Max

I hope I am in France next year for Mardi Gras!“. Olly

Merci aux élèves français de Cognac!“. Yode


Our Valentine Dance!


On Thursday 14 February, 18 pupils from the Prep School (from Years 3 to 6) took part in the West Wilts Dance Festival, which took place at The Forum Theatre in Bath. The theme this year, given the date, was of course… love!

The group had developed a dance routine they had choreographed to (“What makes you beautiful”, from One Direction), with the help of Caroline, the Dance Lady, during their Street Dance after-school club.

We arrived at the theatre for an afternoon rehearsal slot and the children loved being on stage straight away. They were immaculately behaved backstage and enjoyed preparing for the show, putting on hair gel and make-up and inflating their guitars! They all supported each other and revelled in the buzz of the event, as they performed in front of several hundreds of people with energy, enthusiasm and big smiles on their faces.

We were extremely proud of them and enjoyed the show.


An Author’s Visit!

We were lucky enough to have the Visit of the author Maz Evans at our Prep School.

After a wonderful assembly where she talked about her life as an author and how one “yes” can be life changing after years of “no”. Keep trying until you get that “yes”!

Pre-Prep used their imagination to work out what was behind the curtain!

Year 5 and 6 had a brilliant workshop and produced some excellent diary entries. They also asked Maz some great questions.

Maz Evans was inspiring. “We love your books!”

“I really enjoyed writing a diary and asking Maz questions!”, Amélie.

“We thought her assembly was really fun and interesting!”. Year 3

“Maz Evans was a real inspiration and really funny as well!”. Grace M

Our French Poem Competition!

Janey, Amélie M, Olly, Alanna and Skyla were selected by the Year 6 pupils to compete in the Year 6 and 7 French Poem Competition at the Senior School on Wednesday 30th of January.

They performed their poems with a beautiful pronunciation and an amazing delivery. The audience was wonderful and very supportive.

Congratulations to all, especially to Janey and Amélie M who won the competition.

“All the participants were amazing and  sounded like they were French!”. Elizabeth

“I am so proud to my fellow participants and well done to Amélie  and Janey!” Skyla

“C’était super. Bravo!” Rebecca

J’ai beaucoup aimé voir mes amis participer!”. Yode

“Well done to everyone who took part!”. Alanna

Visit from French Students!

Classe 5 enjoyed the visit of our French friends from a Lycée in Cognac.

They asked lots of questions in French and had a good discussion about the differences between French and English school systems.

“It was really interesting to find out about their school life.” Elodie

“In France they start school age 6!”. Alfie

“They have very long days. Lessons start at 8am and finish at 6pm.” Angus

“We discovered that they like English food!”. George


Pets for a week!

The Reception and Year 1 pupils are looking after two budgies (Snowy and Moose) and two guinea pigs (Gordon and Charlie) this week. They have come for a week holiday and are being well looked after!

“They are so sweet”.

“I love looking after them and feeding them.”

Our visit to the Senior Science Lab!

Year 6 had an amazing time in the Senior School lab this week learning all about the heart, witnessing  a dissection.  All were fascinated (and only a couple felt a bit queasy!).

“It was very exciting because we got to see inside a heart.” Katherine and Tina

“Some people struggled  to watch without feeling uncomfortable!”. Rebecca and Yode 

“It was very interesting to see the different parts of the heart.” Elizabeth