Blogging Rules

We are really excited to have our class blogs and to be able to show the world what and how we learn throughout the year. Keeping these blogs a safe and secure place to work is very important. Through the use of the blog the children at Warminster Prep School have the opportunity to develop their understanding of online safety and how to behave when using the internet.
We have a few simple guidelines that we need to keep to in order to make the most of our class blogs.

  • Children are only to use their first name when writing posts or commenting on other posts.  Commenting on posts is what blogging is all about and should be encouraged.
  • When leaving comments on ours or other blogs, children should never use their email address as their name.
  • Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child (post comments as “Billy’s Mum” or “Sophie’s Grandfather”).
  • All posts will be checked by a teacher before they are published to the blog.
  • All comments will be moderated by a teacher before they are published on the blog.
  • Always be respectful of other people’s work – be positive if you are going comment.
  • If you receive a comment, it is polite to respond, say thank you and reply to a question if they have left one.
  • No text talk – write in full sentences and read your comments back carefully before submitting.  Remember that your words are there for the whole world to see.
  • Never give your login details to anyone.
  • If you see something on a blog that you are usure about, tell your teacher about it.

All Warminster Prep School bloggers are encouraged to stick to these guidelines.  Failure to do so may result in the ability to contribute to the blog being removed.

Thank you to the following for their unknowing contribution to these guidelines:

St James’ Primary School, Emsworth

Broadmeadow Junior School, Birmingham

Tom Barrett @tombarrett

David Mitchell @deputymitchell