Props to Props Club!

Each Tuesday after school a small band of 10 committed makers have been working to supply the ample needs of the exceptionally demanding cast and crew of “Rock Bottom”, our year 5 and 6 play this year. “Rock Bottom” is a Stone Age comedy, in which there are plenty of chances for us to stretch our creative wings when it comes imagining fun props for the play. So far we have made a giant egg timer, a cauldron, plenty of rocks and bones, dynamite – and this week we deployed some willow bending skills to make a giant egg! I begin to think there is nothing Props Club can’t do, and sincerely wish we could have had two nights a week.
Well done Props Club, you have been fantastic to work with, and Rock Bottom will look ace on stage, thanks to you!

7 thoughts on “Props to Props Club!

  1. I loved making everything in Props Club this year! It was really fun making the cauldron, time turner, Dyson, Rock Bottom sign, the egg and the Stoney Street sign.


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