Our Wilderness Centre adventure!

At the end of May, Year 3 and 4 had an exciting 3 days during their residential trip at a Wilderness Centre! They had amazing adventures including: archery, crate stacking, rock climbing, walks through a forest (making wishes through a wishing tree), problem solving and orienteering, abseiling and even wall climbing!

The children were enthusiastic and eager to take part in all those fantastic activities, without being afraid to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Bravo!

I loved the tunnel of doom because it was scary and fun at the same time.” Caitlin

I loved the rock climbing because I got to the top.” Max

The breakfast was amazing: full English every day!” Alfie

12 thoughts on “Our Wilderness Centre adventure!

  1. I really liked the tunnels of doom because there was a secret hole in one of the tunnels.
    My favorite part was rock climbing because i got up to the top on both of the ones i went on.


  2. I loved the Wilderness Centre it was so much fun my favorite part was the tunnels of doom. I am going to go back again.


  3. The Wilderness Centre looks so cool! Crate-stacking looks challenging yet fun at the same time. The Tunnel of Doom look so scary!!! I wish I could go.


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