Treachery At Traitor’s Quay

Year 3 and 4 pupils performed their amazing play “Treachery at Traitor’s Quay” twice, in front of a packed hall, in awe of their acting and singing. The whole school went back in time and followed evacuee children in their adventures.

The whole cast acted and sang brilliantly and they were all clearly enjoying themselves. Everybody left singing and dancing the jitterbug!

Mrs Sheppard commented: “I was so proud of the Year 3 and 4 pupils. They all got into character and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

I enjoyed performing in it because it was a funny play!” Ben

It was hard to learn all our lines but we enjoyed the play because we all got on well!” Finlay


12 thoughts on “Treachery At Traitor’s Quay

  1. I enjoyed watching ‘Treachery at Traitor’s Quay’. It was so funny and everybody acted so well because they all worked together.


  2. I really enjoyed watching the Year 3 and 4 production of Treachery at Traitor’s Quay. There was lots of comical roles which were all played exceptionally well. The singing was amazing, the acting was brilliant and the cast was superb! One of the best plays I have ever seen.


  3. I really enjoyed doing Treachery At Traitors Quay, it was great fun! My favourite bit was when the Home Guards tripped over on the stairs, it was very funny!


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