A Great Sports Tour!

Year 6 had an amazing time in Weymouth during their Sport Tour. They played good matches, had fun on Weymouth beach, went bowling and swimming at Splashdown!

Miss Gough commented: “Year 6 had a fantastic time on their Sports Tour last weekend! They played brilliantly in their netball and hockey matches against Sunninghill School. They enjoyed lots of fun activities: games on the beach, ten-pin bowling, eating yummy fish and chips and even had time for a blast down the flumes at Spashdown!”.


6 thoughts on “A Great Sports Tour!

  1. I can’y wait to go on the Sports Tour next year so that I can go to Splashdown, play matches, go bowling, go to the beach and have fish and chips!


  2. The Year 6 sports tour looks amazing! I’m sure they loved going to Splashdown, eating fish and chips, going ten-pin bowling, playing matches against other schools and just generally having fun!


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