Our Valentine Dance!


On Thursday 14 February, 18 pupils from the Prep School (from Years 3 to 6) took part in the West Wilts Dance Festival, which took place at The Forum Theatre in Bath. The theme this year, given the date, was of course… love!

The group had developed a dance routine they had choreographed to (“What makes you beautiful”, from One Direction), with the help of Caroline, the Dance Lady, during their Street Dance after-school club.

We arrived at the theatre for an afternoon rehearsal slot and the children loved being on stage straight away. They were immaculately behaved backstage and enjoyed preparing for the show, putting on hair gel and make-up and inflating their guitars! They all supported each other and revelled in the buzz of the event, as they performed in front of several hundreds of people with energy, enthusiasm and big smiles on their faces.

We were extremely proud of them and enjoyed the show.


16 thoughts on “Our Valentine Dance!

  1. Well done that looks so cool and fun, congratulations for doing it because when you get on stage you feel so nervous so well done!!!!


  2. I loved doing the performance and the feeling on stage was happy but scary at the same time. I am sad that next year will be my last year doing the dance festival 🙂 😦


  3. I remember watching it in the crowd. Everyone was really good and so were the other schools. If it was a competition you would have won. When they shouted out Warminster prep school I screamed. Everyone was very nervous but now I wish I did it too. You must have been working very hard and you must have been very tired of doing that incredible dance. Well done dance crew, we are proud.


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