Lettres de nos correspondants français!

Les élèves de Classe 6 were very happy to receive their letters from their French pen friends! 

“It is so funny to see what they look like and read about what  they like!”

“French writing is so different!”

“I liked finding out who was friend with whom!”


15 thoughts on “Lettres de nos correspondants français!

  1. Wow that’s really cool writing in french to your pen pal. It takes lots of talent!!! I wonder how different life is in France to England.


  2. Wow this is a very good year 6 i wonder who your pen pall is. This must help you really improved because you are English and they are French.


  3. Wow i can’t wait for that to be me, it looks so fun! i love the photo it looks so cool. as well i can’t wait to go on the french trip.


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