Technology in our life – Ebba and Eva

Technology in our life

Our most used technology is a computer. In 1984, IBM announced the IBM 5155 portable personal computer. In 1986 Radio Shack released the new, improved and smaller TRS model 200.  Computers are very handy they can do many things like you can play games, write reports, write emails and look at Facebook. You should love computers. Did you know, a mobile phone today has more computer power than the computers that sent the first rocket to the moon?  Computers are great, if you don’t have one you are missing out.


One thought on “Technology in our life – Ebba and Eva

  1. I agree, what would we do without computers? I remember the first computer I had was a Spectrum 48k. That had less memory than storing one photo on today’s computers.
    What do you think the computers of the future will look like? Do you think it may be the virtual reality that Angus and Edward we’re looking at?


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