Year 6 Moonlit Writing



Please have a read through some of Year 6’s writing in action.  They focused on figurative language and powerful vocabulary.

In the forest the great ancient trees shadowed over me like skyscrapers blocking out the moonlight. I walked in to a clearing on the outer perimeter of a lake. The fluorescent moon reflected like a beacon on the transparent lake. The silver glint of the moonlight lit up the night sky with a shine like headlights in the distance.

By William C


As I stood in the moonlit glade the crepuscular rays shone into the deserted clearing, illuminating the murky waters. As I walked around the outer perimeter of the bewitched and phantasmal woodland, a twig snapped underfoot, breaking the utter stillness of the night. As the silver nugget started to disappear I carried on walking. As I was walking back a voice reached my ears and then fortunately the moon reappeared lighting the way; I noticed a shadowy shape.

“Mummy” I murmured.

“No, the names Steve, and I’m going to be looking after you for a while!” Steve Chuckled!

By Oby


Rain ran gently as I trudged through the woodland. I looked up I could see the leaves falling and rising like the steady breathing of a child. suddenly the leaves gave way and the rain pelted down.

As I looked through the semi darkness I saw sundown. As I walked on through the blaze of the sun the suppress of the silent wood clung on to me. I could barely see two fox-lengths in front of me.

Suddenly the lights went out I looked up among the rain drops I saw the full moon glistening like a light bulb. aroooooo! went a wolf. even though it sounded far away I remembered what a wolf looked like cruel fangs and claws the grey matted fur.

I sprang up to the nearest tree when I got to the top I buried the leaves around me. but as I turned around I saw a gigantic wolf staring at me. I knew there was only one thing to do as I jumped out the tree I screamed and then “it’s alright son I got you”

By Rachael


Something was wrong in the woodland the plant life was never growing.  The sun was blazing on the forest and it rained frequently, they had have to have grown by now.  In the twilight of the moon the shrubs got more and more indistinct until it was pitch black.  Suddenly a bright spec appeared it seemed to lead me to a hollow tree which inside had a button that had a sign that said humans only…

By Thomas


The woods. A place where vile phantasmal creatures lurk around, restrained by the shadowy plantation, however behind that gloomy silhouette lies an illuminate beam of moonlight. This is an extract of an observation that I had four years ago… I trudged down the interminable forest path, the light from my wand began to glow dimmer, and my glasses were shattered. I limped a little because of a huge scar I had on my filthy leg. I was sad and alone with no one to help, then I saw something, a monster perhaps. My heart raced against my blood, several sweat drops ran like people down my tearstained face. Suddenly a sticky hand rested itself on my shoulder, then….

By Ben


Suddenly I woke startled by an owl hooting in the lofty trees.  As I stood up, an almighty gust of wind knocked me over again.  “That’s strange,” I thought.  Suddenly I heard the unmistakeable whisper of my name coming from the darkness of the woods. “jjaaaaaaacck.”

By Harry B


The dreadful fragrance made the rain sob and cry on me. My raincoat and I got showered with tears from the horrible rain. As the snapping tree branches try to bite me the rain kept poring. “BOOM” a flash of light struck the tree nearby, as the wild fire began. I ran as fast like a wolf trying to run away from a hunter, until I stopped for a breath I looked up , the glories moon guide me to a safe tree that sheltered me from the rain. Suddenly I saw a huge shadow that came bigger every second, I closed my eyes then peeked out it was a tiny bunny that was lost too. “howl” five wolfs surround me then the five wolfs devoured the innocent bunny. Then the wolfs looked hungry then “boom” the lightning scared them, away and I safely lade my head and went to sleep.

By Emma


The moon, the moon, I love the moon, the moon is bright tonight.  The moon is dazzlingly bright.  The moon will pay for its delay, the moon is bright tonight.  The moon is an eye, so is the sun for they are the eyes of God.  So if you are lonely at night look up to the stars.

By Logan



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