Y5 Use Onomatopoeia to describe ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Year 5 have been using onomatopoeia in their work.  Here are a few examples.



Lysander and Hermia  scuttled and scurried through the wood, as they were running they could hear the leaves rustling under their feet.  Callum

The Fairies darted through the trees and the trees whooshed and swayed.  Charlie

As the fire flies zoomed around the trees, the baby birds tweeted and sang a chirpy song.  Niamh

Oberon’s cackle seeped through the woods.  Snakes hissed and slithered as Puck whizzed through the trees.  Sam

The trees swayed around as rain drops pitter pattered on the leaves and oozed down the mossy damp cold trees.  Barnaby

When Lysander and Hermia ran away, the rain splashing on the trees,  the twigs cracked under their feet.  Ava

The fairies’ wings flutter like sparkling butterflies throughout the trees.  Gabriel

The fire in the woods crackled and spat.  Josh

The sticks cracked under her feet.  The mud squelched when he walked on it.  Aaron

Nick Bottom stumbled and crashed out of the bush.  There was a swoosh as Puck made a magic pass with his hands.  Oscar

The fairies zoomed and in the dark night sky, whooping as the golden fireflies whizzed around.  Fernando

The worm slithered away from the humans as they walked through the forest.  George

As Lysander and Hermia ran through the forest, they heard the crackle of leaves under their feet.  Henry

The wind howled in the in the forest as Helena and Demetrius marched into the forest.  Jack

The woods creaked, cracked and swayed in the misty breeze of the wind.  Molly

As the fairies danced around the fire there was a pitter-patter and the fire went out.  Dylan

As Oberon and Titania argued they heard the rain drip,drop,drumming outside.  Ella

The trees swished and swished as puck swept in to get the flower.  Puck chuckled as he turned Nick Bottoms head into a donkey.  Sophie

Titanias wings were so thin you couldn’t see them flutter.  William

Puck oozed the juice of the flower into Titania eyes, just for a joke.  Theodore

The leaf is brown and when Lysander steped on it-it went crunch.  Fraser

pop-md          ouch-md

3 thoughts on “Y5 Use Onomatopoeia to describe ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

  1. Bravo Classe 5 pour vos super onomatopées!
    Here are some funny French onomatopoeia. Did you know that French ducks say “coin coin” and French cockerels say “cocorico”!


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