Sam’s Short Story

Sam had just 45 minutes to write this short story after working on his story plan.  We think he did really well.  Please leave a comment for him.

One hot, sweltering afternoon in Madrid, Rajoy (the Spanish President) and Theresa May (UK Prime Minister) and the people in parliament are having a meeting.  “Listen in”, shouts Theresa, “I have a few words I would like to say.  First.  A few weeks ago we had a vote about if we should stay in the EU and we have voted to leave.  I hope you Spanish are OK with that.  Thank you”.  The members of parliament clapped and cheered, but suddenly Rajoy screamed “You, Theresa May, are the most cuckoo person in the world because we love having you in the EU”.  Silence….. Then the high judge said “End of meeting so go away, I want my milky brew”.

It was later that night that Rajoy sneaked out of his private hotel and ran off into the night.  He knew where he was heading, the 10 mile wide, 50 mile long forest of wolves.  Past houses, shops, statues and offices he ran, till he found it.  He had never been in there, so he was worrying and wondering what to expect.

A few hours later, after stopping at a pool for a drink, he spotted some yellow eyes coming towards him.  What were they?  It hit him on the head like a boomerang.  WOLVES!  He screamed and ran for his life, not knowing where he was going.  Leaves brushed his face, dust got in his eyes, but he didn’t care at all.

Some minutes later, he comes across a wolf sanctuary.  “I’m saved” he cries and completely out of breath he walks in.  “What do you want?” a keeper mumbled.  “I’m Rajoy the Spanish President and I need to get back to Hotel Mylang, NOW!”  A bit taken aback by Rajoy’s pleadness the keeper springs to his feet and tells him to get on the back of his quadbike, then he himself hops on and shouts “Adios, my friends” to the wolves and with that they zoomed off into the distance.

Sam – Year 5


4 thoughts on “Sam’s Short Story

  1. I think his story is amazing because he has left the story with a cliffhanger/ a sentence that brings up lots of attention.
    It was really exiting because when he got bitten it made me gasp and then sigh in relief that he didn’t die…


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